Safe and Sound with Statutory

All your trust and company documents safe in one place

Keep your paperwork up to date.
It's the law.

Is your trust or company paperwork up to date?

Business & Trusts

If you have a business or trust, you're legally required to keep your company or trust current and up to date.

Avoid Penalties

Missing minutes, signatures or documents can place you at risk.

Stay Organised

Damaged or unorgaised paperwork often leads to delays and overlooked tax claims.

One way to stay ahead is with a Statutory subscription

  • Manage, sort and organise your Trust or Company office paperwork,

  • Keep you and other professional parties updated on what you need to do and when.

  • Make sure your trust or company is fit and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Statutory?

Because it helps you and your trusted professionals and other interested parties stay up to date with trust and company documentation.

What happens if my Trust or Company paperwork is not up to date?

There’s no easy way to say it. You could be breaking the law and neglecting your responsibilities when you let your trust or company paperwork fall behind. Stay up to date. It’s important.

How Does it Work?

It’s simple. Statutory keeps everything in one place online. We are a division of Slater Chartered Accountants and we use Connectworks software which is the very latest cloud based statutory software.

Now you and all your trusted advisors and other interested parties can see, sign, read and have access to trust and/or company documents. It’s a one-stop centralised portal that allows you to really stay up to date and within the law. It’s great.

About Us

Statutory was set up in 2014 and is a division of Slater Chartered Accountants based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Statutory allows Slater clients and also non Slater clients a clear space where they can purchase and update their Statutory files and documents.

Many people have trusts and companies. Maintaining files and documents is an important part of trust and company management.

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